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Lag Ba'omer

Today I Am A Man - A Bar Mitzvah Story
Itís Friday night. The men are at shul. Iím home with our younger children and the women that have come to our town to celebrate this milestone with me, to affirm my mothering of thirteen years. Or maybe they just like a good party.


Out Of Slavery - A Pesach Poem
Closets are much like
There is so much clutter within...



What marvelous costumes these two women wore! The illusions created were marked in their effects.

Tu B'Shevat

Interview With The Remarkable Inventor Of "Smart Fruit"
My products speak for me. They are purposeful and amazingly efficient.


Surfing Through Life
Hashem has the ability to exercise equally astonishing intervention in our personal lives.

Gifts and Presents
All too often do we find ourselves chasing our tails in order to provide for the type of lifestyle that it has somehow been decided (sometimes by us, but more often by our society) that we desire to have.

Let My People Grow!
We sometimes spend great amounts of time, effort, and money in order to prolong the life of fantasies that we hold dear.  At these times we are following in the footsteps of Pharaoh, who was King of Denial.

Tenth of Tevet

Flying High
Will our abstention from food and drink be truly meaningful?

The Special Child

My Special Children
A mom reflects on her three kids.

Dear Friend...
A mother of a disabled child attemps to reconnect with a well-meaning friend she pushed away.

Special Delivery
Is there some kind of a heart problem? And why is he so blue? Is he breathing? What is going on? Why are there suddenly so many doctors in here? What are they saying?

"Yeladim Ka'eileh"
Please donít call him "eileh"
He has a name, my son
He is his own dear person
Not a "them"; but one...

Every Step of the Way
For our Malka, who has cerebral palsy, education was and is her ticket to full acceptance.

Hakarat Hatov - Recognizing The Positive
As a result of my CP, I am very limited in what I can do for myself physically. Some people cannot fathom the possibility that my life could be enjoyable and meaningful despite my limitations.

Great-Grandma Esther
A womanís brave choice three generations ago shapes the thinking of her great-granddaughter.

Land of Love - A Poem by a Person with Down Syndrome
People with mental disabilities cannot intellectualize on the level of the average person, but we all share the same emotions.

My Exceptional Son
Weíve asked for advice, but professionals, Rabbanim, and others have all said that there are no real answers. Nobody talks about it. Other parents must be out there, but I havenít found too many.

New Solar Year

Y6K And Those Hectic Friday Afternoons
Erev Shabbos is about more than Erev Shabbos. Itís about the millennium, but not the year 2000. Itís about the year 6000.


Fanning the Flame
A fatherís mitzvah is compared to a candle while a motherís Torah is compared to light. Why?

It's Right Here - A Chanukah Poem
Itís hard to find a minute
But eight nights a year
She makes a moment...


Goodbye For A While
There are bright, colorful flowers to be found in every incidence of winter in our lives.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

The Legacy of Adam and Chava

Rosh Hashanah is the day of the creation of man and woman. How do we grow into the role required of us as human being?

Welcome Back - A Poem of Forgiveness
I promise bli neder to understand you better
To listen more closely
To talk more quietly so that you can hear me...

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