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Meet our rabbis, whose hobbies vary from writing a Sefer Torah to bar mitzvah lessons. Israel Jewish community. Aliyah, kabbalah, learning Torah, Jewish books and Torah software are among several interests to explore on a tour of our Kollel on your next Israel vacation or any time!


Just as a train is only as strong as its locomotive, so is a Kollel as strong as its conductor. Much to the delight of the Kollel members, Rav Zvi Licht, with the backing of his wife Yona, agreed to accept the great responsibility to become their Rosh Kollel. Rav Licht was born and raised in Tel Aviv and went on to study at the Yishuv HaChadash and Chevron Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He spent years engrossed in writing many books on numerous tractates of Talmud. His encyclopedic knowledge of Torah led him to become one of the main researchers in the prestigious Frankel Rambam publication. Rav Licht, with his deep love of learning, has truly been the driving and guiding force to the Kollel’s members. His guidance and inspiration is felt not only by the Kollel members themselves, but also by the many Ra’anana residents who have gravitated to his strong personality.

Rabbi Dovid Horwitz hails from Los Angeles, California. He attended Ner Israel Rabbinical College and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he received his Bachelor’s degrees in Talmudic Law and Pre-Medicine. He then studied in Jerusalem under the auspices of Rabbi Moshe Meiselman, nephew of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, for ten years, during which time he received semichah from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. In 1998, Rabbi Horwitz, with the support of his wife Elana, founded the Raanana Community Kollel, bringing ten families to Ra’anana to service the religious needs of its English- speaking constituency. He is a practicing scribe who has written a Sefer Torah, which is currently being used in the Kollel Minyan located in the Chorev school. Along with his many responsibilities as director of the Kollel, he is currently working on his second Torah scroll.

Rabbi Ariel Abrahams was born and raised in a distinguished rabbinical family in London England. After receiving semichah from the Eida Chareidit in Jerusalem and having been impassioned by his father’s love and dedication to Klal Yisrael and community work, he joined the Kollel as one of its pioneering members with the dream of inspiring his fellow Jews to reach higher levels of Jewish awareness and commitment in their lives. In his years in the Kollel, Rabbi Abrahams has become the address for young teenagers who wish to further their learning skills in gemara and halacha, after school hours. We, along with many happy parents in Ra’anana, wish Rabbi Abrahams and his wife Dassy much continued success in their lives.

Rabbi Yosef Blaustein

Rabbi Chanan Brill
is one of our earliest members to the Kollel. He enjoys giving a daily gemara shiur in his Judaica book shop, as well as reaching out to less affiliated Jews by teaching them the deeper philosophical aspects of Judaism. E recently released his new music disc, Shema Koleinu, which is accompanied by his four sons .

Rabbi Avigdor
Bronner-Cohen and his wife Malka-Tova

Rabbi Yosef Cohen
and his wife

Rabbi Ehud Cohen
is the official Cohen of the Kollel. Although he’s never been spotted wearing a ten- gallon cowboy hat with spurred boots, he developed a love of Texas while doing a four- year stint in Dallas. A native Israeli who grew up on spicy Middle Eastern foods, he quickly felt right at home with the spicy Mexican burritos and BBQ ribs that Dallas is known for. After heading a large Jewish community and organizing seminars, Rabbi Cohen returned to Tel Aviv, where he met his wife Hana and worked in Jewish outreach. Rabbi Cohen has opened a Shabbat shul in the Kollel's new wing on 3 Bialik Street. The minyan is targeted towards people of Eidot Hamizrach of all religious or non- religious backgrounds. He also organizes chugim and shabbatonim for the Hebrew speaking population. As our resident cohen, Rabbi Cohen is always available for blessings and pidyonei haben.

Rabbi Binyomin Lipson and his wife Carin joined the Kollel in September 2000, after she received her degree in psychotherapy from the Ma’alot Institute in Jerusalem. Since their arrival, Rabbi Lipson has been heavily involved in teaching gemara to many students of wide backgrounds. Rabbi Lipson expends much time and effort to write and distribute “Insights & Inspirations”, the Kollel’s weekly parsha sheet. Come Yom Tov season, he is particularly busy editing and publishing the new widely acclaimed “Mo’adim L’simcha” periodical, a journal offering new meaning to the Jewish festivals. His most recent endeavor is to establish a presence in Ra’anana’s Mercaz Klitah, absorption center, to bring friendship and assistance, whether spiritual or emotional, to the many olim that reside there. Through Rabbi Lipson’s efforts, the Kollel hopes to become an active player in helping new olim to traverse the difficult waters of transition from Chutz La’aretz to a Torah life in Eretz Yisrael.

Rabbi Yitzchak Wilk has always had a gift for working with children of all ages. After three successful years of teaching within the framework of the Kollel, he accepted a full time position as a third grade rebbe at the Chorev elementary school in Ra’anana. Despite his many responsibilities at the facility, he still finds additional time to devote to the Kollel and its many activities. Together with Rabbi Ariel Abrahams, Rabbi Wilk has devoted much time to developing the Kollel’s Shabbat Minyan. We wish him and his wife Pnina much strength to continue to juggle their many endeavors.

Rabbi Shabtai Yogel attended American-style Israeli yeshivot. His wife Avital is studying to be an accountant. Both Rabbi Yogel and his wife Avital are successfully running the NER boys and girls division of the Kollel’s youth program. Rabbi Yogel, whose knowledge and style of Torah study was culled from the best yeshivot in Jerusalem, brings a youthful and exuberant energy to the Kollel’s Beit Midrash and to Ra’anana in general. We wish Rabbi Yogel many fruitful achievements in the Kollel community.

Born in Argentina,
Rabbi Yitzchak Katz is the first South American member that we have been privileged to have on our staff. He has opened up the Kollel to the world of the Spanish-speaking family and in particular to the South American olim. Rabbi Katz has endeared himself to many of the South American olim who reside in the Merkaz Klitah in Ra'anana. He and his wife Naama, live by the credo “love your fellow human being and (by doing so) draw him or her close to Torah”. They can be found every Shabbat with at least ten guests at their table. Anyone who has been privileged to experience the Katz Shabbat table has truly tasted the sweetness of Shabbat and Judaism. Naama, of French origin, speaks four languages and is able to use her talents to bring the wisdom of Torah to Jews of many different nationalities. Rabbi Katz’s love of his people and mitzvot will often motivate him to bring Torah to Jews wherever they are, even in their cars or as they are walking in the street.

Rabbi Kobi Nadav is no newcomer to community life. His father being the well-known Rabbi Nadav, the Av Beit Din of Tel Aviv, Rabbi Nadav’s parents raised him to give to others. Before moving to Ra’anana, Rabbi Nadav and his wife Aliza, were instrumental in forming a kehilla in the Kefar Shemaryahu neighborhood of Hertzlia. Since moving to Ra anana, Rabbi Nadav has developed a rigorous teaching schedule, giving bar mitzvah lessons and spreading the wisdom of Torah to men, women and children in Ra’anana. He enjoys playing basketball with his buddies in Kefar Shemaryahu, and is a masterful Ba’al Tefilla and Ba’al Korei as well. He brings a burst of enthusiasm to both the Beit Midrash and to his commmunity acitivites. The Kollel feels privileged to include the Nadavs as a vital member of the community.

Rabbi Yair Michelson and his wife Tamar

Rabbi Aharon Rabi and his wife Nechama

Rabbi Assaf Oved and his wife Leah

Rabbi Zvi Amolsky
and his wife Rivki

May we merit working together to sanctify the name of Heaven in our wonderful city of Raanana!

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