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   Korach 5763
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                An Exclusive Interview with Korach & Moshe

                                                     Rabbi Dovid Horwitz

Good Evening, ladies and gentleman. We’re with you live from the Kinar Classic Hotel at the unprecedented leadership debate between Moshe & Korach.

Mr. Korach, please begin by telling us a little bit about yourself.

Greetings friends! My name is Korach ben Yitzhar and I am running for office as the first Democratic leader of the Jewish people. Firstly, as a Democrat, I stand for equal rights for all Jews, Kohen, Levi, and Yisrael alike. Moshe, the Republican that he is, stands strong for the elite members our nation, the Kohanim and Levi’im, but he neglects the working class brackets of our people. He claims to have a direct phone connection to G-d, and excuses the gross inequality which he has instituted in our society by claiming that such is the will of  G-d. Don’t let this typical Republican excuse fool you! G-d loves all of us equally. We all heard His voice on Har Sinai, and we are all His prophets. As such, it is unfathomable that He would choose only the Kohanim and Levi’im as his sole representatives. G-d is merciful and kind and He wants only that which is good for all of His people. As G-d is undoubtedly a Democrat, you should cast your vote of confidence with me and I will make each and every one of you Kohanim. Did G-d Himself not promise you in the Torah, “And you will all be to Me a nation of Kohanim and a holy nation.” There you have it, black and white! We are all G-d’s Kohanim, but this man, Moshe, has twisted the Almighty’s word by only giving leadership positions to members of his own family!

As you know, I have tried all my life to serve as a faithful leader to the entire Jewish people, and I have never attempted to raise myself above them. I have never taken any payment for my services as leader and judge, and I am not tainted with love of money and honor.
I never asked for the position as your leader. When G-d came to me at the burning bush, I tried repeatedly to refuse, but I was given no choice. As a Jew, I must listen to Hashem and I make His will mine. I am a lover of all of the Jewish people, and I have not discriminated against any of them. However, Hashem in His infinite wisdom has seen it fit to create a class system whereby different segments of the Jewish people are given different roles, and just as an army must have different divisions, each with it’s own area of expertise, the Jewish people, must also bear such divisions, each holding its own unique responsibility. Korach’s plan to transform our nation into a one class society of Kohanim may have its merits, but it directly contravenes the will of the Almighty. Certainly, politics can play no role when they go against G-d’s word! In truth, his rebellion is not against me alone, but rather, it is an open rebellion against G-d Himself!

What is your ruling on a four-cornered garment of t’chelet?

Such a garment is certainly exempt from tzitzit, and the logic is simple. For what is the purpose of the blue thread if not to remind us of the sea, the sky, and in turn, G-d’s holy throne. When we see the tzitit, we remember our mission to keep G-d’s Torah. Consequently, if one blue thread is enough to remind us of this, than certainly a garment of blue does the same and more.

I absolutely disagree with your application of logic to define Halacha. Even if your logic is correct, human reasoning can never serve as an accurate barometer to derive the will of the Almighty. If G-d tells us clearly to place tzitzit and techelet on the fringes of a four cornered garment, this ruling becomes absolute, whether or not you feel that the logic dictates such. Who are you to second guess the will of G-d?

Moshe, Your opponent also claims that a room full of holy books does not require a mezuzah. What is your view on this matter?

The Torah tells us clearly that all rooms must have a mezuzah on the doorpost, even if it is used for holy purposes. There is simply no such thing as a family which does not need the spiritual protection of a mezuzah. Even a room that is already holy, or a family which already is imbued with Torah wisdom and values is still in need of this protection. Is a religiously committed family immune to the influences of their environment? No matter how committed they are to Torah and mitzvot, every family must be concerned about the influences of the world around them. The mezuzah reminds us that G-d Himself stands guard over a faithful Jewish household, imbuing it with greater immunity to the negative forces at large. Torah is the life force of the Jewish nation, and it is only by strengthening ourselves in its observance that we can continue to exist and fulfill our divine mission. 

Where do we stand in the debate between Korach and Moshe Rabbeinu?
Scary, isn't it?